Convert Leads to Applicants

Step 1 - Nurture your visitors

Nurture prospective students via effective personalised push campaigns.

Step 2 - Actively Engage with leads

ICEF Connect's Conversational AI chatbot Casie* and LiveAgent* features help you actively engage with leads on platforms like your website and Whatsapp.

Step 3 - Instant Recommendations

ICEF Connect's intelligent matching algorithm instantly matches the student with the best program based on the agent's preferences. Send your program shortlist right on the first call with the student.

Step 4 - Student Engagement Analytics

Our next generation analytics help you understand your students better, their educational interests, financial capacity, etc. All this can be accomplished from the Advisor Dashboard that comes as part of the platform.

Step 4 - Marketing Support

Consider our central marketing team as your support staff to grow your pipeline.